The Nexus

Introducing The Nexus

The Nexus gets its name from a phrase that I’ve been using through the years to describe my work life travels. I started out with a degree in Computer and Systems Engineering, but at school, I worked at the college radio station, and was just as serious studying album liner notes as I was studying textbooks! Following this passion, I started my career in FM radio.

I truly enjoyed radio and had great success, but I saw the writing on the wall as far as the disruption the internet was causing, so rather than being disrupted, I wanted to be a disrupter.

I co-founded a digital music startup, the first of a number of media technology ventures I would drive as an entrepreneur, media product imagineer, and engineering executive. Along the way, I became an accomplished UI/UX developer and architect — all emerging from practicing at the intersection, or “nexus” of entertainment, media, and technology.

So this is “The Nexus” — my thoughts about directions in entertainment and media as technology continues to unfold and expand. In keeping with the spirit of this nexus, along with these thoughts, I aim to entertain with a media playlist (music, video, books, etc), brought to you by the technologies of blogging, social media, and the cloud. Enjoy!

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